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13 Things That Will make You Irresistible Towards Women

Each individual has their own particular things that turn them on. Once in a while ladies can’t avoid certain things men do or a portion of their body parts and traits. We all are different and unique and so is our taste and idea of our ideal man, that’s how we find love. Men are believed to be the tough gender but there are certain activities they do that women can’t resist. It turns out that women actually like the same strange traits in men from veiny forearms to their adorable behavior when they play with kids and women can’t resist them.

Let’s check out some of the surprising things about men that women find attractive and are hard for them to resist!


Lips are the first thing we women notice in a man. And when they have soft and full lips it’s a cherry on the cake. After all, it means there’s a lot more to the kiss.