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Couples Who Still Crush On Each Other After Some Years Have These 7 Things In Common

It may not be simple, but it’s very possible. Here are few things couples who still crush on each other after some years have in common, according to specialists.

1. They Communicate

“Keeping the lines of communication open builds real and lasting relationships,” Dr. Catherine Jackson, a licensed psychologist, and neuro therapist tells Bustle. It’s difficult to keep crushing on your partner if there are built-up resentment and negativity. According to Dr. Jackson, couples who communicate more tend to argue less and are better able to handle any conflicts when they inevitably arrive. “The lack of tension that often builds with poor communication leaves space for couples to experience more joy, which in turn enables them to continue to crush on each other,” she says.

2. They Continue To Date Each Other

Couples who set regular date nights and make spending time together a priority are more likely to have longevity in their relationship. According to Dr. Jackson, setting regular date nights gives couples something to look forward to. They’re an easy way to stay connected and keep things fresh when life gets busy. It also gives you a good opportunity to get your flirt on.