10 Weird And Bizzare Food Trends Of 2018 You Never Knew

As we bid adieu to 2018, it is safe to state that this has been one of the weirdest years in recent memories. Not just in terms of what is happening in our lives, but also in fields of politics, film, culture, and news, the year has left us with some happy and weird moments. And of course, the same rule applies to food.

Many of our favorite dishes got a makeover this year, which made us fall in love with them even more. However, given different food crazes ranging from vegan to sustainable and an overall increased obsession with healthy eating, the year also had its share of surprises, which turned into weird and crazy food trends. We saw people drinking black and green smoothies and relishing absolutely out-of-this-world ice creams.

So before we move on to 2019, let’s have a quick recap of our top 10 weird foods (or food trends) that left us dumbfounded in 2018.


What’s better than the unconventional donuts? Over the last twenty years, we have tried all the typical fillings one can try with donuts. Some worked and some did not. Different types of jam, chocolate sauce and creams have till date reigned as traditional and popular donut fillings.

However, in 2018, people decided to go a little wild with these fillings. Maybe that is why different cafes around the world decided to come up with weird donut fillings. One cafe in LA started making donuts with Snickers inside while another one in NYC decided to put pieces of pears, cardamom, and other flavors in their donuts. To add to the list is the cafe in Sydney which went even one step further and decided to experiment with tea, cherry blossoms, and even yams.

Around the world, bakers are experimenting with fillings like liquor, curd, coffee, ganache, and even noodles as donut fillings. Though we are happy with our traditional donuts, we are sure some of you will love this experimental culture that has plagued the world.