7 Foods That Are Really Damaging Your Kidneys

7. Nuts

If you are prone to kidney stones, nuts are not a good snack. They contain a category of a mineral called oxalates, which are found in the most common type of kidney stone. If you’ve had stones in the past, skip the nuts altogether.

For healthy people, it’s important to be aware of your intake of oxalate-containing foods, such as spinach, beets, potato chips, French fries, and bran flakes.

Some of these items, including nuts, can be very healthy additions to your diet. But as with all things, balance is key. Choose a variety of greens rather than just spinach, and eat nuts only in moderation.

6. Avocados

Not avocados! These creamy and delicious green fruits are what taught us that eating fat is okay. However, avocados also come with a high dose of potassium, which controls fluids, electrolyte balance, and pH level. Kidneys rely on the right balance of potassium and sodium to do their job properly; too much of either spells trouble.

Hyperkalemia is the name for having too much potassium in the blood, and this happens in people with advanced kidney disease. It often causes nausea, weakness, numbness, and slow heart rate.

Luckily, you needn’t worry too much about avocados or potassium if you don’t have pre-existing kidney disease. Most of us don’t get enough potassium in our daily diets anyway.