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10 Things No One Tells You About The Way Cheaters Think

6. They Might See Cheating As “Evening The Score”

If they believe their partner has done them wrong, the passive-aggressive cheater might see their infidelity as a way to settle things in a non-confrontational, but still hurtful, way.

“Instead of addressing their anger directly with their [partner], they feel justified in cheating as a way to ‘even the score,’ If they are unhappy in their marriage but too afraid to end it, they may cheat in hopes (conscious or subconscious) of getting caught,” Lauren Dummit, LMFT, co-founder and clinical director at Triune Therapy Group, tells Bustle. Getting even is not the most healthy way to settle a conflict, but still, some do it.

7. They May Have Issues With Power And Control

For some cheaters, the whole institution of monogamy is the problem. While these types of thinkers likely shouldn’t be getting into two-person exclusive relationships in the first place, this kind of reaction happens. For some, the issue isn’t with relationships themselves, but power structures as a whole.

“Some cheaters have a resentment towards authority or rules […] so they cheat as a way to demonstrate to themselves that no one is going to control them,” Dummit says. For these people, cheating is a form of rebellion more than anything.