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14 Ways to Get Over a Guy Who Used You and Take Back Your Power

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably hurting and want to know how to get over a guy who used you. Listen, I feel you, girl. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced being used by someone.

A couple of guys used me when I was younger, and it took a long time to get over. Especially when you never really had them. If you were in a genuine relationship, at least it was real. But when someone uses you, was it real? I mean, yes, your emotions were real, but the situation wasn’t genuine. So, of course, it stings.

But this doesn’t mean you should lock yourself in your house, never to see daylight. Screw this guy. Yeah, you miss hanging out with him. Blah blah blah. But he wasn’t really into you. That’s it.

How to get over a guy who used you

I know it’s a little harsh, but it’s time to wake up, girl! Take back your life. Get up on your feet and move forward. He’ll be fine… Actually, he’ll probably do this again, so don’t worry. Eventually, karma will smile back at him. So, let’s get over him, okay?

I’m not saying this will happen overnight because it won’t. But getting started is the first step. If you want to know how to get over a guy who used you, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to leave him in the past and move on. Can I get an amen?

#1 Don’t be the victim. 

It’s really easy to start thinking, why me? Why is this happening to me? Listen, it happened to you. You’re not on some special list that protects you from jerks. You met a guy, and he used you. But you are not a victim. This doesn’t mean you’ll never find a new guy who loves you, you will.

#2 You had what they wanted. 

This guy used you because you had something they wanted. Don’t put the blame on yourself. Whether money, time, or attention, you provided it to them. This isn’t a reflection of you. They lack motivation, they lack intelligence, and they lack a mindset. They’re simply hopping from person to person, taking what they want, and moving on.

#3 Kindness isn’t a weakness. 

When you’re used, it’s normal to assume you’re being too kind. But before you turn jaded, kindness isn’t a weakness. Yes, be more aware next time, but this doesn’t mean you cannot continue being kind. Sharing love, compassion, and attention are beautiful. The world needs more of it. So, continue being kind.

#4 What you experienced is true. 

Whatever you felt was real, don’t be mistaken. Your feelings were genuine and authentic. This is why you struggle to move on. They had an impact on you. So, this isn’t the time to deny your feelings. Instead of keeping them wound up inside of you, this is the time to let them go. Write about it, cry, laugh, watch breakups movies. Do whatever you’d like to help yourself through it.

#5 Remind yourself you’re lovable. 

Before anything, tell yourself this isn’t the end for you. You’re not going to die alone with no one around you. This guy used you, it happened, but the future is still bright. It’s hard to feel rejection, but you are lovable. And you will find someone who loves you. You will find someone ready to settle down and be in a committed relationship with you.