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14 Ways to Get Over a Guy Who Used You and Take Back Your Power

#6 Make distance. 

If this guy was using you, cut contact with him. You cannot under any circumstance continue to see him. Or else he’ll keep playing you, and you’ll get hurt. Heal and move on. You’re not going to be friends with this guy now; it’s done. He used you. Even if you really like him, he doesn’t respect you. So, time to distance yourself from him.

#7 Delete his social media. 

I know you’ll want to creep but that’s the problem. You shouldn’t be creeping his social media. It won’t make you feel any better. It’ll probably make you feel worse. And I know it sounds like I’m saying this casually, but I know how hard it is. It took me weeks to delete this one guy’s social media. I couldn’t do it. But when I did, it felt amazing.

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