8 Things to Remember During Your First Conversation To Avoid The Awkward Moment

A conversation doesn’t start and end with the words you choose to use. A lot more depends on your personality and the way you behave around this new friend you’re talking to. If you want to keep a conversation going without any awkwardness in the air, keep these 8 things in mind, and you’ll have a much better chance of impressing the hottie you’re talking to.

#1 Appear comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward, the person you’re talking to will immediately sense the discomfort you’re feeling. And that would only make both of you feel more awkward. Relax, using these tips here, you’d already know everything about what you need to talk about. There’s no need to feel stressed by the conversation. You know what you need to say, don’t you?

#2 Look around now and then. In between your conversation, every now and then, don’t say anything for a couple of seconds. Just look around for a second or two, and then continue the conversation. Adding a few seconds of quiet time now and then initially will help the person you’re talking to feel more comfortable, even in silence.

But if you see their eyes light up with excitement, don’t stop talking. They love your company already!

#3 Smile. Be warm when you talk to someone, especially if you’re trying to impress them. Smiling can do two things, let them know you like their company, and secondly, it’ll help them feel more relaxed around you.

#4 But don’t just smile! Smiling and looking around without saying anything makes everything seem much more awkward. If you smile, make sure you say something to continue the conversation.

#5 Don’t fidget. If you want to overcome the awkwardness, stop fidgeting. If you start fidgeting or looking around because you don’t know what to say, you’d end up fidgeting a lot more in your effort to cover your awkwardness. Stand or sit down calmly, and just look around to find a new inspiration to talk about.