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How to Keep a Conversation Going With the Opposite Sex

For most of us, the first few minutes of a new conversation is the absolute worst.

It’s awkward and uneasy, and almost a toe-curling nightmare.

But as annoying as those first few minutes are, it is those very few minutes that will turn out to be the biggest judge of your conversation skills.

After all, first impressions are made of first conversations.

How to keep a conversation going in 3 steps

To keep a conversation going, there are just 3 things you need to keep in mind. Once you’re past the hellos and the pleasantries, use these three tips to stretch the happy conversation.

#1 Open-ended questions. If you’re interested in prolonging the conversation, always ask open-ended questions. Answer any question you’re asked with another question so your new friend can respond to you with their own views.

#2 Use their answers to create more questions. If the person you’re talking to says they like something, use their answer to create more questions to find out more about their interests. With each new question you ask, you’d be able to see several other questions that can help you know more about this person, and at the same time, make them feel more involved.