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Why Do People Ignore Me? 12 Real Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

The worst feeling in the world is feeling ignored. If you’re asking, why do people ignore me, it’s time you looked at the reasons why it’s happening.

Why do people ignore me? 12 reasons why

#1 You don’t listen to other people. 

Perhaps your friends told you that you’re not a good listener, yet, you continue to not listen. For many people, it’s extremely annoying to talk to someone who’s only interested in talking about themselves. Are you making an effort to listen to other people when they speak? Or is it only about you?

#2 You’re too needy. 

People want to hang around others who aren’t going to hold onto them like a ten-pound weight. It’s not fun to hang out with someone who needs constant help. If you’re needy, you’re a lot of work for other people. And it can quickly become suffocating. Back off a bit, and give the people around you some breathing room.

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