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10 Reasons Long Distance Relationships Fail

In this article, you will get to know the reasons why long-distance relationships fail. If you are thinking of getting into a long-distance relationship, you must keep in mind some of these possible hurdles. These hurdles if known earlier can be prevented rather than being faced. These reasons might seem normal but to be honest, here, these are the ones that mostly break the relationship.

See the 10 reasons below:

1. Communication Feels Like A Burden

The first thing that many couples do when attempting a long distance is to set up a rigorous communication schedule. Suddenly, you’ve committed to talking on the phone every morning, texting through lunch, and setting up a Google Hangout every night. Before you lay down a rigid chatting schedule, remind yourself how often you saw each other when you were in the same city. Most couples that don’t live together don’t see each other every day. Even if they do, it isn’t often at the same time and in the same way. You’ll likely feel the impulse to maximize communication as a way to strengthen your relationship; fight this impulse. Doing what you think you’re supposed to do rather than what both partners want to do is a great way to ruin a relationship.