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10 Reasons Long Distance Relationships Fail

2. Financial Strain

Love ain’t cheap. Even if you only live a few hours away from your partner, someone is going be spending a tank of gas or buying a Megabus ticket every time you want to see each other. The larger the distance, of course, the larger the transportation bill. Work time lost traveling can be a problem as well. If every other weekend is spent traveling to see each other, you could be missing out on side money, networking, or career development opportunities. It may feel crass to think about the cost of love, but we live in the real world, and in the real world you have to pay your rent.

3. The Social Life Gap

All nightlife is not created equal. If one member of the couple is shipping off to graduate school in a flyover state and the other is staying in a major metropolis, resentment can quickly brew. One partner may return from a long day of work exhausted and ready to talk about their day while the other wants to spend their after-work time bouncing from happy hour to happy hour. If you’re stuck staring at the endless cornfields of rural Nebraska while your significant other is attending rooftop urban pool parties, jealousy will likely enter the equation. The best bet is, to be honest about your feelings and remember that your partner didn’t force you to apply for an Antarctic research grant, and they shouldn’t be punished for your loneliness.

4. Lonely Feelings

If you are in a long distance relationship, you must talk to him/her at least once every day. Otherwise, the feeling of loneliness will engulf you. This is one reason why long distance relationships fail. Long distance relationship requires the couple to be in touch as much as they can. They should indulge in each other rather than keeping one another lonely.