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10 Types Of Guys That Girls Can’t Resist #3 Is Ridiculously True


Although this might seem unbelievably superficial, girls often find the rich guys attractive for several different reasons. Some girls are simply gold diggers and it goes without saying that they are after the money. But this isn’t always the case. The rich guy is often a combination of different types we stated previously since that is what has helped him to actually become rich. The rich guy is often smart, handy, artistic or powerful. However, there is a certain effort and hard work hidden behind all that money he has and that is what women find unbelievably attractive. If a guy is able to provide for himself, he is most likely to be a suitable mate. A girl will rarely find a jobless guy who lives in his parent’s basement and lives off of his parents’ money attractive, simply because there is a questionable quality of their future together.