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11 Reasons Introverts Are Terrible At Dating

It is difficult to find love but for introverts, it’s something beyond just being difficult. It’s draining and exhausting which is the reason the majority of them fail in dating. 

Here are the reasons:

(1) You need to recharge yourself more often:

You can take a day off after spending the night with your friends because you need to recharge yourself to get out into the world again. But for someone you haven’t met, you need a lot more than that. It’s hard for you to give up your ‘me-time.’

(2) You can’t just go out on dates with random people:

No Tom, Dick and Harry stuff for you! You can’t go out and meet people you don’t even know and have no emotional connection with. You need a special connection in order to meet that person because you don’t want to waste your time behind someone you don’t see a future with.