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12 Things Girls Like to Hear From Men to Feel Special & Loved

Realizing how to satisfy a young lady is beyond helpful for men, yet without knowing the things young ladies like to hear, that is much harder. Here’s what to say.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach however for ladies, it’s through making her feel unique. That’s really the main thing you have to remember with girls. If you want her to like you, make her feel unique and special to you by telling her things girls like to hear.

Obviously, you can’t just string together a bunch of phrases in the hopes that it’ll get her attention. There’s more to it than that. You have to be genuine and you truly have to like the girl in order to say things she likes to hear. If you don’t, she’ll pick up on it.

Mistakes that drive girls away from you

We all make mistakes. When it comes to winning a girl over, those mistakes can permanently affect your chances. If you’re someone who only gives girls compliments based on her looks, that’s a mistake. She’ll see right through you and won’t want you.

You have to appeal to her as more than just someone who wants her body. If you talk to her with the only goal of getting her in bed, that’s a mistake and it won’t work. Girls are smarter than that and we know when a guy just wants a piece of ass.

Things girls like to hear in order to feel special

You need to make her feel unique to you. She has to feel like you’re only interested in her and nobody else. Sometimes saying a few specific things can help her see just how you truly feel. Here are some of the things girls like to hear that can help you communicate your feelings.

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