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35 Common Body Languages That Says ‘I Love You’ – #1 Is So Funny

The following are different common ways lovers express their emotions to the other person. When you start to see them, you should know for sure that the individual is deeply in love with you.

#35. Desire to hear from you always

When a man or woman is deeply in love, he/she does everything possible to hear from the other person regularly and hearing your voice sooth his/her longings.

#34. Does not check the time when you are around

A man or woman in love does not observe time when you are with him or her. This is so because you are all that matters to him or her and time with you is time well spent.

#33. Cancels other appointments for your sake

When a person is in love with you, he or she will cancel other appointments and tell them he or she is busy when he/she is with you.