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35 Common Body Languages That Says ‘I Love You’ – #1 Is So Funny

#5. Watches movies with you

When a person is seriously in love with you, he or she will want to watch movies, especially love movies with you

#4. Holds you hand

When you walk on the way with the person who is in love with you, he or she likes to hold your hand as you go along

#3. Texts love jokes to you

One of the signs that a person who loves you dearly like expressing it by sending you love jokes regularly

#2. Brings you flowers for no reason

That person that brings you flowers for no particular reason is doing so as an expression of the commitment he/she has for you.

Guys note that  you should Give her flowers that represent qualities you like about her! For instance: buttercups mean “”you are radiant  charms” and allium means “strength”.

Here’s a link to the most comprehensive, free, searchable language of flowers database in existence: Victorian Era Flower Meanings and Symbolism for Modern Day Gifts and Wedding Florals

#1. Watch you sleep

The man or woman who is in love with you enjoys watching you while you are asleep with lots of joy

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