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4 Top Lies Every Cheating Woman Will Always Use Watch Out For Them

When a woman is cheating on a guy, the guy will not actually detect that, why? Because the woman has so much coined her stories in such a way that the guy cannot but accept it as the whole truth. Every cheating woman in our world today, tell lies in various ways and today, I will be revealing to you the 4 top lies every cheating woman will always use on her man just to make sure he doesn’t suspect anything.

Below are the 4 most common lies every cheating woman uses and I am sure they may have been used on you before.

1. He is JUST a friend

Do you notice the way I capitalized the word, ‘JUST’? When your girlfriend is fond of using that word, my brother just knows that something is wrong somewhere. You may notice she has been chatting or speaking with a particular guy and when you confront her on several occasion, there is this word that never ceases to come out of her mouth, which is ‘He is just my friend’. Please, brother, be careful. There is ninety-nine point nine percent assurance that she is cheating on you, and as a cheating woman, never expect her to tell you the truth. Every cheating woman says this lie just to cover up their deeds.

2. I was with a friend

When you ask any cheating woman, ‘Babe where are you coming from?’ don’t be surprised to hear this from her ‘I was with a friend’ or ‘I was a friend’s…’. You will never hear the full gist. You will never hear if the friend is a male or female. All you just hear is ‘friend’. You will not also hear where the place is, whether it’s a house, a bar or a hotel. Just place.  This is one of the tops lies that every cheating woman uses.