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4 Top Lies Every Cheating Woman Will Always Use Watch Out For Them

3. I swear to you

When a cheating woman begins to use the word, ‘I swear to you…’ she is saying it for you to accept and believe her lies. Thieves and criminals make use of the word, ‘I swear’ just to get out of trouble. It will be better for you not to believe a woman who mostly uses these words. They are the best cheaters.

4. You know me

This type of lie comes up exactly at that moment when you are in between two opinions-whether to believe her or not to believe her. When you begin to think if she is cheating on you or not, then what you hear next is, ‘Sweetie, you know me. You know I can never lie to you’. My brother, those are deceitful words and you should not fall into this trap.

Now over to you, should we use these bases to know if a woman is really cheating on a man or not? Please leave a comment on what you think about the top lies every cheating woman uses.