5 Photos Taken Before Tragedy

These pictures will shake you to your bone marrow. Consider you captured the last photo before the disaster, will you need the world to see it? some of the photos will make you sad while some will fill you with love.

Photos when taken, will forever be memories, and becomes history.  These taken before the tragedy will leave you speechless.

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1. A Terrible Mistake

in India, a man wanted to see a white tiger in a better view so he went closer to climb a tree. He was repeatedly warned but the man’s curiosity didn’t make him listen. unfortunate, he fell into the cage

Instantly the white tiger prowled up to the man and kept him cornered for almost 15 minutes as other visitors and zookeepers tried to distract the animal. Unfortunately, it eventually decided to pounce and dragged the man, by the neck, back to its den before killing him.