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5 Types Of Guys That Girls Despise

Well, some surveys and researches have shown that there are some types of guys that girls find absolutely attractive (and some they really despise).

Here is the list of guys girls really despise, #5 is really common among most guys:


While a well-balanced sensitivity in a guy can be a plus, overly needy guy is something no girl wants. Girls like a guy that is powerful and kind of a hero, as stated previously, so the super needy guy can be just purely off-putting. If he needs constant reassurances about himself while he dwells in his own self-doubt and pity, not only is that unattractive, it’s also super exhausting. It is okay to share your emotions with your partner, but if you share every bit of every tiny emotion that flows through you, it can become overwhelming, especially if we take into account that your partner has emotions of her own that she needs to deal with.