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The 10 Real Reasons Why Men Cheat

Men who participate in se’xual and romantic entanglements after making a vow of monogamy do so for a variety of underlying psychological reasons:

  • He’s a liar. He never wanted to be monogamous, in spite of his promise. He doesn’t comprehend that his pledge of fidelity is a sacrifice made to and for his relationship and the individual he professes to love. This man sees monogamy as something to be worked around instead of embraced.
  • He is insecure. Deep down, he feels that he is too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too poor, too stupid, or too whatever to be desirable. He uses flirtation and extramarital se’x as a way to feel better about himself, to reassure himself that he is still desirable, worthwhile, and “good enough.”