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The 15 Definitive Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Want You Back

#2 She doesn’t reply to your calls/texts. 

Maybe you send her a text here and there, but she’s not replying to anything. In the beginning, maybe she would reply, but things have changed. If it’s been weeks or months of her ignoring your calls/texts, she’s over the relationship and making a clean break.

#3 She changed her phone number. 

Well, if anything, this is a hint you’re becoming too much. If someone goes out of their way to change their phone number, she really doesn’t want you to talk to her anymore. If this is the case, not only do you need to back off but get the hint she’s not interested.

#4 You’ve been cut from her family. 

You were chummy with her mom and had a good relationship with her dad, but that’s ended. If you’ve run into them and they were cold towards you and aren’t interested in conversing, she’s probably told them it’s over and is one of the clearest signs your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want you back. If you just had a fight, they wouldn’t act like this.