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The 15 Definitive Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Doesn’t Want You Back

#12 If she responds to texts, they’re one-worded. 

You get more excitement texting your grandma than you do when you text your ex. If her responses are one worded and lack any emotion, that’s a hint she’s just being polite.

#13 She cancels seeing you. 

Maybe you made an agreement to see each other and talk things over, but she cancelled the meeting rather last minute. Sure, maybe something came up, but if she was really interested in being with you, that would never happen. She had a second change of heart and decided it’s a bad idea.

#14 You two are FWB. 

Sometimes, it can be tricky to know if your ex is over you if you’re still sleeping together. If she’s not looking to have a relationship with you. Now, you are friends-with-benefits. Don’t be fooled by the sex, because that doesn’t mean anything.

#15 She doesn’t care you’re seeing someone else. 

Maybe you’re with your rebound, and you thought it would piss her off or make her jealous, she’s as cool as a cucumber. She’s not interested in who you’re dating because she doesn’t care.

I know it’s hard, and you’re probably not going to agree with the signs your girlfriend doesn’t want you back. Eventually, you need to face. It’s tough, but you need to move on.